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Katherine Webb :: Adam Taylor/Getty Images Katherine Webb :: Adam Taylor/Getty Images

“Growing up, people told me that I was beautiful. But it was hard for me because I was the tallest girl in class and looked a little different and was a little insecure.”
"I've never been to a game, since I'm Australian. But I've been here for seven years, so it's become part of my culture and I've become a fan by default. It looks like so much fun, so I really want to go to a game. I'll put on my VS Pink Yankees' gear and go. I love the new sports attire line because I think it's so awesome that girls can finally have something cute and feminine to wear as fans."
"People used to bully me in high school. The boys would call me granny costume (a costume is what we call a swimsuit in south africa, slang). They called me this because i had a one-piece swimsuit and it was wrinkly when i was sitting. They would call me this everywhere I went, screaming it after me in the corridors or if i cycled down the road. For revenge I became a swimsuit model."



@ninaagdal: At @marqueeLV dayclub with my lady! @lbeeezzy

Nina Agdal :: @ninaagdal Nina Agdal :: @ninaagdal

@hanni_davis: Baby shower for my sis!!! #peeps

Hannah Davis :: @hanni_davis Hannah Davis :: @hanni_davis

@tashy_tashb: My life on a boat

Natasha Barnard :: @tashy_tashb Natasha Barnard :: @tashy_tashb

@jesslperez: For @velvet_tees by one of my fav photographers, Kayt Jones :)

Jessica Perez :: @jesslperez Jessica Perez :: @jesslperez

@irinashaykofficial: Lazy Sunday :)

Irina Shayk :: @irinashaykofficial Irina Shayk :: @irinashaykofficial

@katelynnebock: We on a bus.

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