We've all been there. We all cringe at the memory. First dates can be incredibly awkward, even for SI Swimsuit models. We asked Chrissy Teigen, Anne V, Cintia Dicker, Emily DiDonato, Katherine Webb, Genevieve Morton, Natasha Barnard and Kate Bock to tell us about the first date they ever went on. For some it was sweet (Emily went to a movie and then had dinner with his parents), others memorable for the wrong reasons (Chrissy remembers the ranch dressing from the Red Robin) and others was a long time coming (Natasha and Kate never went on dates, Anne had to wait until she was 17!). Regardless, everyone has a first date story. Here are some of our favorites.


Chrissy Teigen :: David Burton/SI Chrissy Teigen :: David Burton/SI

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Anne V :: Derek Kettela/SI Anne V :: Derek Kettela/SI

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Cintia Dicker :: Derek Kettela/SI Cintia Dicker :: Derek Kettela/SI

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Emily DiDonato :: Kayt Jones/SI Emily DiDonato :: Kayt Jones/SI

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Katherine Webb :: Troy Robertson/SI Katherine Webb :: Troy Robertson/SI

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Genevieve Morton :: Derek Kettela/SI Genevieve Morton :: Derek Kettela/SI

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Natasha Barnard :: James Macari/SI Natasha Barnard :: James Macari/SI

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Kate Bock :: David Burton/SI Kate Bock :: David Burton/SI

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