SI Swimsuit models must stay in top shape -- they are, after all, swimsuit models. So when it comes to eating, the girls are very particular with what they put in their bodies. SwimDaily sat down with Katherine Webb, Alyssa Miller, Anne V, Emily DiDonato, Jessica Perez, Julie Henderson, Genevieve Morton and Nina Agdal to see what foods they absolutely hate. From scrambled eggs to sea urchin, find out what delicacies these supermodels avoid at all cost.


Katherine Webb :: Troy Robertson/SI Katherine Webb :: Troy Robertson/SI

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Alyssa Miller :: James Macari/SI Alyssa Miller :: James Macari/SI

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Anne V :: Derek Kettela/SI Anne V :: Derek Kettela/SI

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Emily DiDonato :: Kayt Jones/SI Emily DiDonato :: Kayt Jones/SI

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Jessica Perez :: David Burton/SI Jessica Perez :: David Burton/SI

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Julie Henderson :: Alex Cayley/SI Julie Henderson :: Alex Cayley/SI

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Genevieve Morton :: James Macari/SI Genevieve Morton :: James Macari/SI

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