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Kate Upton :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI Kate Upton :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI

"I love eating in Sushi Park – it’s a really coolomakase Japanese restaurant Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica is great too. It’s my favourite Italian restaurant. I’m also loving the Koreatown [area] because I do a lot of work in Korea. I always like to go to the Korea bathhouse there and eat shabu-shabu or Korean barbecue."
"Water is my biggest beauty tip: I drink three litres a day. I’d rather drink three litres of water than sit in a spa and be pampered: it has the same effect. If you don’t drink lots of water there’s no point. I challenge any woman to drink 3 litres water everyday for a month and sleep for seven hours a night, that she won’t lose weight, look better and feel better… Also, wash your hair in beer to make it shiny; use an egg-white mask to tighten your pores."



@alanarblanchard: Got to meet @elenahight @rockstarenergy

Alana Blanchard :: @alanarblanchard Alana Blanchard :: @alanarblanchard

@ninaagdal: @thunderbuns power100

Nina Agdal :: @ninaagdal Nina Agdal :: @ninaagdal

@katelynnebock: Silueta Salvaje: Kate Bock by @JamesMacari for Glamour Spain May 2013

Kate Bock :: @katelynnebock Kate Bock :: @katelynnebock

@luvalyssamiller: Double soul cycle classes today! I think I earned a massage tonight!

Alyssa Miller :: @luvalyssamiller Alyssa Miller :: @luvalyssamiller

@1arielmeredith: Ouch glass caught my finger. Thanks Matt!!!

Ariel Meredith :: @1arielmeredith Ariel Meredith :: @1arielmeredith

@hanni_davis: Werkkk #LA

Hannah Davis ::  @hanni_davis Hannah Davis :: @hanni_davis

@yasminbrunet1: @tryia

Yasmin Brunet :: @yasminbrunet1 Yasmin Brunet :: @yasminbrunet1