Everyone has stress - from the Starbucks employee making your morning coffee to the bus driver who takes you home at night. How to deal with that stress is another issue. SwimDaily sat down with Alyssa Miller, Cintia Dicker, Anne V,  Jess Gomes, Jess Perez, Ariel Meredith and Julie Henderson to discuss their methods for dealing with life's many stresses. And yes, Anne V is very emphatic with her answer.

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Alyssa Miller :: James Macari/SI Alyssa Miller :: James Macari/SI

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Cintia Dicker :: Derek Kettela/SI Cintia Dicker :: Derek Kettela/SI

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Anne V :: Derek Kettela/SI Anne V :: Derek Kettela/SI

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Jessica Gomes ::  Walter Iooss Jr./SI Jessica Gomes :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI

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Jessica Perez :: David Burton/SI Jessica Perez :: David Burton/SI

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Ariel Meredith :: Stewart Shining/SI Ariel Meredith :: Stewart Shining/SI

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Julie Henderson :: Alex Cayley/SI Julie Henderson :: Alex Cayley/SI

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