Vanilla Ice. Celine Dion. Backstreet Boys. We all have music on our iPod we hope nobody else sees. Call them guilty pleasures or (for those in denial) songs that someone else put on when they borrowed your MP3 players. Whether you wear it proudly or pray nobody finds out, we all have music we're embarrassed to like. So we asked SI Swimsuit models Genevieve Morton, Adaora, Hannah Davis, Kate Bock, Jess Perez, Emily DiDonato and Nina Agdal to name the song on their iPod they are most embarrassed by. Here are some of the more memorable responses:

Genevieve Morton: "Think I'm gonna go with 'I'm too sexy' by Right Said Fred. I keep listening to it! I listen to it on the tredmill. And I listen to it on the street. And I listen to it everywhere."

Hannah Davis: "Milli Vanilli. I'm kind of embarrassed - I have that one song that's like (in singing voice): 'na-na-na-na most every time.' That's the song I'm most embarrassing about because sometimes at work we play our songs. And I have a few Taylor Swift songs on there too which I feel like only 13-year-olds listen to, but I do kinda like her."

Kate Bock: "The song on my iPod I'm most embarrassed about. But he's a Canadien so ... what-what ... is Justin Bieber. Never Say Never. It's on there. I run to it."

Nina Agdal: "I'm not embarrassed that I'm a fan of Justin Bieber. I think you should stop hating on him. This guy is so successful for his age and if you listen to his music he's actually really good. So most embarrassing song? I'm not embarrassed by my music. No."


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