By Andy Gray
June 05, 2013

Models may spend much of their life on luxurious beaches and first-class resorts, but just like you and I, they enjoy a good night on the couch. With that in mind, we asked Emily DiDonato, Nina Agdal, Cintia Dicker, Alyssa Miller, Kate Bock, Jessica Gomes and Adaora what shows they DVR. We discovered an unhealthy appetite for the Kardashian family and the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Here are some other worthwhile responses.

Nina Agdal: "I don't watch TV. Maybe I'll admit I like Housewives. And I actually got my ex-boyfriend in it too so boys maybe you should watch."

Alyssa Miller: "I DVR the Kardashians. I like the Real Houswwives of Atlanta because they're just crazy. So many bad shows I don't think I actually watch any good shows."

Jessica Gomes: "Definitely Breaking Bad. always addicted to Sex and The City and Gossip Girl. I love Downtown Abbey and Game of Thrones."


Emily DiDonato :: Kayt Jones/SI Emily DiDonato :: Kayt Jones/SI

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Nina Agdal :: James Macari/SI Nina Agdal :: James Macari/SI

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Alyssa Miller :: James Macari/SI Alyssa Miller :: James Macari/SI

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Cintia Dicker :: Derek Kettela/SI Cintia Dicker :: Derek Kettela/SI

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Kate Bock :: David Burton/SI Kate Bock :: David Burton/SI

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Jessica Gomes ::  Walter Iooss Jr./SI Jessica Gomes :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI

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Adaora :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI Adaora :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI

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