By Swim Daily Staff
June 10, 2013

Two-time SI Swimsuit Issue covergirl Kate Upton turned 21 today. To mark the merry anniversary, we've assembled the ultimate Upton primer: 21 facts and 21* photos.

*Some of the facts include visual aides, pushing the total number of Kate Upton photographs in this post above 21. We hope that's ok.

1. She was a stunner in high school, too, just with more clothing.


2. She advises guys to forgo cheesy pick-up lines and focus instead on their aroma.

3. The Best Offense is a Good Defense, and the Best Defense is Kate Upton.

In March of 2012, Kate Upton attended a Suns-Thunder game in Oklahoma City. An NBC Sports story indicated that there were 10% fewer shots made on her side of the court than the opposite one.

4. She pokes fun at the Jets like a boss.

5. She doesn't just wear foxy swimsuits. She also designs them.

6. Her family tree is stacked.

Her great-grandfather Frederick Upton co-founded Upton Machine in 1911. It would later be renamed the Whirlpool Corporation and become a Fortune 500 company that has an annual revenue of $18.4 billion. Her uncle Fred Upton (R-MI) has been the US Congressional Representative of Michigan’s 6th district since 1987. Her mother Shelley Upton was a former state Tennis champion from Texas.

7. Gambit, of the X-Men, gets her all worked up*.

*Not necessarily a fact-fact.

8. She had a Super Bowl commercial banned in 2012 …

9. ... and a Zoo York ad banned just a month later

10. … and nearly three-peated in 2013 with a different Super Bowl ad, this one for Mercedes.

11. Kate made her movie debut in the 2011 film Tower Heist.


12. She then shot scenes for 2012's The Three Stooges

13. … but ended up being banned from that, too.


14. She never breaks character, even during staged photobombs by Ken Jeong.

15. She’s a Michigan Wolverines fan.

16. … and they're fans of hers.

17. Kevin Durant may be the only man to have rejected her.

Do your day a favor and browse the rest of this Kate GIF gallery.

18. She competed in multiple American Paint Horse Association World Championships.

The APHA is extremely proud of her.


19. She makes far-fetched teenager dreams sorta come true.

20. She's a pro at MLB 2K12.

Meanwhile, the creatives at the agency that produced this spot are pros at innuendo.

21. She’s the first model to be on the Swimsuit cover in consecutive years since Tyra Banks in 1996 and 1997.

And we're happy to have enabled that fact.



And now, those 21 photos …

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