Twitter has become a way of life for people and the models are no exception. Whether it's hard news about Al Qaeda, an update on Beyonce's hair or this incredible Vine of a dog wanting a belly rub, there's something for everyone on the popular social media site. We asked Chrissy Teigen, Alyssa Miller, Nina Agdal, Emily DiDonato, Kate Bock, Jessica Gomes and Cintia Dicker who their favorite person to follow on Twitter. Here are some of the responses.

Alyssa Miller: "I know everyone is going to say Chrissy [Teigen] because she's so funny and she says what she means. I actually get a lot of my news from Twitter so CNN and stuff like that."

Jessica Gomes: "I enjoy following Just Jared. I love his Twitter feed. It always fills me in on what's happening. I love The Daily Love as well. There's always great quotes."

Emily DiDonato: "My favorite people to follow on Twitter are The Cut, a fashion blog, and Sports Illustrated. You guys are great. I always followed you guys."

Kate Bock: "I'm gonna throw  a shout out to Ali Michael who is one of my good friends and is hilarious. I almost choke laughing every time she tweets."

Chrissy Teigen: "I love those one-liner type comedians. Megan Amron just knows how to do it all in 140 characters. It's ridiculous what she'll say. It's insane. I guess I just really love funny women on Twitter ... really funny, ballsy women."


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