Imagine pulling up to Dairy Queen and having Kate Bock serve you a blizzard. If you happened to be living in Vancouver six or seven years ago, that may have been the case. We asked Bock and fellow SI Swimsuit models Julie Henderson, Adaora, Alyssa Miller, Chrissy Teigen, Emily DiDonato, Jessica Gomes and Genevieve Morton to tell us the best non-modeling job they ever had. The answered included everything from waitressing (Emily, Genevieve, Adaora) to lifeguarding (Julie) to kids sports photography (Chrissy), and all are significantly less glamourous than modeling. But everyone needs to make money somehow - here are how these models best non-modeling jobs.


Julie Henderson :: Alex Cayley/SI Julie Henderson :: Alex Cayley/SI

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Adaora :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI Adaora :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI

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Alyssa Miller :: James Macari/SI Alyssa Miller :: James Macari/SI

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Chrissy Teigen :: James Macari/SI Chrissy Teigen :: James Macari/SI

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Kate Bock :: David Burton/SI Kate Bock :: David Burton/SI

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Emily DiDonato :: Kayt Jones/SI Emily DiDonato :: Kayt Jones/SI

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Jessica Gomes ::  Walter Iooss Jr./SI Jessica Gomes :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI

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Genevieve Morton :: James Macari/SI Genevieve Morton :: James Macari/SI

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