By Andy Gray
September 03, 2013


Justin Timberlake reunited with his 'N Sync bandmates last Sunday at the MTV Video Music Awards and no swimsuit model was happier about the performance than Kate Bock. After all, Justin, Joey, Lance and company was the first concert Kate ever attended. We asked Kate Upton, Anne V, Emily DiDonato, Hannah Davis, Natasha Barnard, Jessica Gomes, Julie Henderson and Bock to recall their first concert experience and the answers varied widely. Some loved their heavy metal (cough, Natasha) while others (Hannah) enjoyed reggae on the beach. Just don't be surprised if you see Kate Upton at a Backstreet Boys concert sometime soon.


Kate Upton :: Derek Kettela/SI Kate Upton :: Derek Kettela/SI

GALLERYKate Upton's 2013 Swimsuit Photos

VIDEO: Kate Upton Up Close Intimate


Julie Henderson :: Alex Cayley/SI Julie Henderson :: Alex Cayley/SI

GALLERY: Julie Henderson's 2013 SI Swimsuit Photos

VIDEO: Julie Henderson Up Close | Intimate


Anne V :: Derek Kettela/SI Anne V :: Derek Kettela/SI

GALLERY: Anne V's 2013 SI Swimsuit Photos

VIDEO: Anne V Up Close | Intimate


Emily DiDonato :: Kayt Jones/SI Emily DiDonato :: Kayt Jones/SI

GALLERY: Emily DiDonato’s 2013 SI Swimsuit Photos

VIDEO: Emily DiDonato Up Close | Emily’s Profile


Natasha Barnard :: James Macari/SI Natasha Barnard :: James Macari/SI

GALLERYNatasha Barnard's 2013 Swimsuit Photos

VIDEO: Natasha Barnard Up Close Intimate


Kate Bock :: David Burton/SI Kate Bock :: David Burton/SI

GALLERY: Kate Bock's 2013 SI Swimsuit Photos

VIDEO: Kate Bock Up Close | Intimate


Jessica Gomes ::  Walter Iooss Jr./SI Jessica Gomes :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI

GALLERY: Jessica Gomes 2013 SI Swimsuit Photos

VIDEO: Jessica Gomes Up Close | Intimate


Hannah Davis :: Derek Kettela/SI Hannah Davis :: Derek Kettela/SI

GALLERY: Hannah Davis 2013 SI Swimsuit Photos

VIDEO Hannah Davis Up Close Intimate

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