By Andy Gray
September 16, 2013


Before they were jet riding and limousine flying, the SI Swimsuit models were just like you and me - poor teenagers in crappy cars. We sat down with Julie Henderson, Natasha Barnard, Cintia Dicker, Genevieve Morton and Emily DiDonato about their first car. One drove a purple (yes, purple) Ford Explorer while another still drives the 1996 Volkswagen Beetle her grandmother gave her. Who drove what? Find out as we present this video of models and their first car.


Julie Henderson :: Alex Cayley/SI Julie Henderson :: Alex Cayley/SI

GALLERY: Julie Henderson's 2013 SI Swimsuit Photos

VIDEO: Julie Henderson Up Close | Intimate


Natasha Barnard :: James Macari/SI Natasha Barnard :: James Macari/SI

GALLERYNatasha Barnard's 2013 Swimsuit Photos

VIDEO: Natasha Barnard Up Close Intimate


Cintia Dicker :: Derek Kettela/SI Cintia Dicker :: Derek Kettela/SI

GALLERY: Cintia Dicker’s 2013 SI Swimsuit Photos

VIDEO: Cintia Dicker Up Close | Intimate


Genevieve Morton :: James Macari/SI Genevieve Morton :: James Macari/SI

GALLERY: Genevieve Morton’s 2013 SI Swimsuit Photos

VIDEO: Genevieve Morton Up Close | Intimate


Emily DiDonato :: Kayt Jones/SI Emily DiDonato :: Kayt Jones/SI

GALLERY: Emily DiDonato’s 2013 SI Swimsuit Photos

VIDEO: Emily DiDonato Up Close Emily’s Profile

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