There are roughly 700 million websites in existence, which gives users quite a few options when they go online. We asked SI Swimsuit models Adaora, Chrissy Teigen, Hannah Davis, Jessica Perez, Kate Bock and Nina Agdal to name their favorite online destination. Unsurprisingly, the responses were scattered. Chrissy is addicted to D-Listed. Kate can't get enough Facebook and Twitter. Nina, meanwhile, likes some Danish website we can't pronounce or spell. What sites do the rest of the models swear by? Find out in the above video.


Chrissy Teigen :: David Burton/SI Chrissy Teigen :: David Burton/SI

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Kate Bock :: David Burton/SI Kate Bock :: David Burton/SI

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Jessica Perez :: David Burton/SI Jessica Perez :: David Burton/SI

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Nina Agdal :: James Macari/SI Nina Agdal :: James Macari/SI

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Hannah Davis :: Derek Kettela/SI Hannah Davis :: Derek Kettela/SI

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Adaora :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI Adaora :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI

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