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Welcome to SwimDaily's new Wednesday feature Wide World of Weird in which we comb the bizarro world of E-commerce and otherwise to find the funny, odd and downright disturbing ways the Swimsuit name has been invoked. 

This week's Wide World of Weird: eBay

When you've been around for 50 years it's expected that someone will co-opt your brand for personal gain. This week we combed eBay—that glorious haven for eccentric entrepreneurship—to see how some of our more, ahem, creative readers are paying their rent.


Las Vegas Mirage Casino Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2010 Room Key

For $2.95 + shipping you too can be denied entry to the Las Vegas hotel room once inhabited by a guest of the 2010 launch party. Could that be the same view from which Brooklyn Decker once peered, or the pillow upon which Lindsey Vonn rested her head?

Easy there. Chances are you are bidding on the room key of one cranky SI editor who is still trying to recoup his losses from the sportsbook.


1993 9 inch Swimsuit Lamb Chop

I could have sworn it was Scandanavian bombshell Vendela that scored the 1993 cover, but the seller of this Lamb Chop doll seems intent on revising history.

Fresh from her photo shoot on the cover of the Swim Suit edition of Sports Illustrated is this swimsuit Lamb Chop in her multi-colored swimsuit and matching sun visor.

Also, is Lamb Chop wearing her bikini top on her head? What would Shari Lewis say?


2009 Sports Illustrated SI Swimsuit Trading Cards Sealed Hobby Box

How many Bar Refaelis for that Hillary Rhoda rookie? What about a holographic Pikachu?


Three DVD's: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2005, The Matador, and Shooter

Behold, the holy trinity of home entertainment.



sunburn original mixed media painting-  5"x8"


It's not technically an eBay listing and it doesn't explicitly use Swimsuit in its title, but if you scroll down you'll see "swimsuit issue" handily included among the tags. I racked my brain for the last time we used smiley face stickers to obscure one of our model's faces, but the closest thing I could come up with is this gem from 1967. It's called artistic license, people.


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