By Rebecca Shore
November 07, 2013

Kate "No Fear" Upton, 2013 :: Derek Kettela/SI Kate "No Fear" Upton, 2013 :: Derek Kettela/SI

Excerpted from Sports Illustrated Swimsuit: 50 Years of Beautiful :

IMPROBABLE POSES | The Things We Made Them Do:

"Would you hold onto this monkey? Climb up that tree? Lie down among these bananas?" Requests that less playful or courageous folks would have denied, these models embraced. That will-do spirit led to journeys of fancy, delight and, as ever, beauty.

Flip through the gallery below for a selection of photos from the book and never-before-seen images from the most outrageous shoots in Swimsuit history. Stay tuned for more exclusive sneak peeks from 50 Years of Beautiful over the next few weeks.





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