TIEGS-TIEGS-T1 Carol Alt ::  Walter Iooss Jr./SI (2)

With six appearances and the 1982 Swimsuit cover, Carol Alt, she of the sapphire eyes and bouncy curls, was more than an icon of our franchise, but of the 1980s itself. Carol went on to appear on more than 500 covers across the globe, and more recently was named No. 5 on askmen.com's Top 10 Supermodels of All Time. A self described entrepreneur and raw food enthusiast, she took her interests to a new level this past September when she signed on with FOX News to do her own show, A Healthy You & Carol Alt

For your viewing pleasure we dug up some exclusive archival footage of Carol shooting with another Swimsuit icon (albeit one on the opposite side of the camera) Walter Iooss Jr.

Swim Daily, Carol Alt 1989



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