By Rebecca Shore
March 18, 2014

Could be a decent wallpaper, no? :: Could be a decent wallpaper, no? ::

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED may have made them Swimsuit models but these ladies have always been dimes, even before their Rookie shoots, and Instagram can attest to that.

* * *

Bregje Heinen is a woman of few words. She even modestly described herself to me as "boring" a few months back, but I'm not sure how that figures when you take a look at the things she has done all by the age of 21. And then there's her personal style. The girl is as gangsta as a  white chick from Holland can be, and if her Instagram is any indication, she's a sneakerhead who counts Grand Theft Auto among her passions. But she's not too fond of captions. I just think she knows that her photos speak for themselves. Because, uh, they definitely do.

So boring? Nah. Worth a follow? Absolutely.

* * * 


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