By Rebecca Shore
April 21, 2014

CASTING CALLS for Swimsuit 2015 are in full swing (but don't be surprised—so is our shooting season). Over the next several months we will be bringing you a sneak peek at some of this year's Swimsuit hopefuls. Who do you think will make it in?

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WHY EVEN bother trying to write an apt intro for Stephanie Shiu, when I'll probably just get it all wrong? Stephanie, who spends a good chunk of her time "slaving away" (her words!) as production manager for The Bridge, a website that, in their words "Connects artists and brands"  turned our innocuous Casting Call into her own erratic work of art, to which I say: like.

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Name: Stephianie Shiu

But my friends and family call me: Shiu Mai, Sneaky Prawn Fur, Mei Mei

Age: 26

Hometown: Vancouver

Current city: NYC/Brooklyn

Years modeling: 8

You may know me from my work with: L'Oreal Matrix, Kenneth Cole Reaction, VOGUE China, Allure, Marie Claire, Jean Paul Gaultier, bebe, Levis's

When I travel I always bring mycomputer (for my other job), my entire closet, Moroccan travel pillow, nerdy Moscot glasses and my fave toy

The most expensive thing in my closet is my: I'm poor :(

The craziest thing I've done on a shoot is: hang and swing around on a harness like I'm a Japanese anime character fighting an evil readhead; my name was Marika and the craziest thing was that I was being myself

I am best known for my: pillow lips and low, husky voice

When I was younger I was: a nerdy musician

I feel sexiest when: I'm comfortable. And under the influence

My pet is an: evil (but very cute) Himalayan cat named Masha

My friends think I spend too much timeslaving away working on

My biggest fear is: my mother, and lies

The celebrity I'd do a kissing scene with is: Paul Newman

The book PLAY everyone should read is: René Daumal's French surrealist play, Ennn Garrrde! [Ed note: Tried as I might, I couldn't find any reference to this in Daumal's catalogue of works, so if you want to read it . . . ask Stephanie.]

The movie everyone should see is: Belly

If I started a charity it would be to: swap first-world kids with third-world kids to influence change of environment, equality and world hunger

The three items on my bucket list are:

  1. Build an underwater/deep-sea bubble home
  2. Create an interactive community garden mural
  3. Make a new type of liquor

I am: a morning person / not a morning person

My favorite foods are: sweet / savory

I am an: amazing cook / O.K. cook / awful cook

The best thing I make is: Asian fusion tiger prawn raviolis in a sancerre and morels sauce

I am: single / in a relationship / it's complicated / I'll never tell!  "All of the above"

I am: spontaneous / a planner

My personal style can be described as:

  1. Leather jacket and motorcycle boots
  2. T-shirt, jeans and Converse
  3. Chanel sunglasses and Louboutin heels
  4. Maxi dress and sandals
  5. Other: "Style schizophrenic"

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STEPHANIE ONLINE:  Twitter • Instagram • The Society portfolio

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