CASTING CALLS for Swimsuit 2015 are in full swing (but don't be surprised—so is our shooting season). Over the next several months we will be bringing you a sneak peek at some of this year's Swimsuit hopefuls. Who do you think will make it in?

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THE BEST way to get to know about Australian model/DJ/painter/cookbook author/swimsuit designer Robyn Lawley might be through this 2011 New York Magazine  Q&A, before she started getting regular DJ gigs, so let's just throw in a few of our favorite lines:

On not being a surfer just because she's an Australian:

I wasn't one of those beachy Aussie girls, unfortunately. We actually don't all live on sand [laughs]. . . . I didn't really have that many friends until high school because by then all the bitchy girls dropped out, and I started having good friends.

On the industry take on plus-sized models (Robyn is, as she describes on her Twitter profile "a model beyond size 10"):

I would love to change the opinion of plus-size girls. I always feel people are surprised when they work with one of us and find that we can, in fact, model very well. Just because we're not a size zero doesn't mean we can't model effectively. It flabbergasts me. . . . This can be said about older models and different ethnicities, too. Fashion should be indicative of the world. . . . [W]e're not all 16-year-old Russian teens. I feel every catwalk and every editorial spread should feature all different types of bodies and faces.

On her love of DJing and music:

[I love] remixing music and playing shows. I really love dub-step and electro types of music. I really love all music, though. Music is half of my life. If I could I would be making music. 

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Name: Robyn Lawley

But my friends and family call me: Robs

Age: 24

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Current city: NYC

Years modeling: 8

You may know me from my work with: Ralph Lauren, Chantelle, Barneys, Vogue ItaliaCosmo

When I travel I always bring myelectronics/laptop (for DJing), iPod, Kindle—I'm a tech geek

The most expensive thing in my closet are my: handbags, ironically—I rarely use bags

The craziest thing I've had to do on a shoot is: posing nude with live animals

I am best known for my: hair, I think

When I was younger I was: strange? Haha, no. I loved sport and and art and cooking

I feel sexiest when: I'm with with my man

My pet is a: Boston Terrier named Reilly

My friends think I spend too much time: on my hobbies/working

My biggest fear is: losing my sisters

The celebrity I'd do a kissing scene with is: Brad Pitt

The book everyone should read is: Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan

The movie everyone should see is: Kill Bill or Alien

If I started a charity it would be to: help empower young women; or create more local organic farms

The three items on my bucket list are:

  1. Produce a great song
  2. [Get involved with] green politics
  3. Live in the woods with all my hobbies and animals

I am: a morning person / not a morning person

My favorite foods are: sweetsavory

I am an: amazing cook / O.K. cook / awful cook

The best thing I make is: a mean pulled pork!

I am: single / in a relationship / it's complicated / I'll never tell!

I am: spontaneous / a planner

My personal style can be described as:

  1. Leather jacket and motorcycle boots
  2. T-shirt, jeans and Converse
  3. Chanel sunglasses and Louboutin heels
  4. Maxi dress and sandals
  5. Other

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ROBYN ONLINE:  Twitter • Instagram • Wilhelmina portfolio • Robyn's music • Robyn's swimwear • Robyn's food blog

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