By Rebecca Shore
May 21, 2014

WE SPEND a lot of time on SwimDaily focusing on those models whose names have become synonymous with SI Swimsuit. But as the saying goes, once a Swimsuit Model, always a Swimsuit Model (the Marines stole that one from us), so on One Hot Wonder Wednesdays we honor those models whose time with us, while fleeting, definitely made that impact.

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Beyonce in Miami, Swimsuit 2007 :: Cliff Watts/SI Beyonce in Miami, Swimsuit 2007 :: Cliff Watts/SI

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IT TRULY boggles the mind, the level of fame Jay-Z and Beyonce have attained over the past couple of years. Bey and Jay are our royalty, the closest thing we have to Kate and Wills (if their children being 23rd cousins counts as close). This summer the couple will co-headline the On the Run Tour for which the average ticket (at least at East Rutherford's MetLife Stadium) will run you $553.52. To promote the tour that truly needs no promotion, Bey and Jay released this no-joke of a teaser. It's so intense, in fact, we couldn't help but to name the stunning singer and 2007 SI Swimsuit cover model this week's One Hot Wonder.

By the time Beyonce landed the Swimsuit cover she had two solo albums that went a combined seven-times platinum to her name, so who could have guessed that would not be the peak of her career? Certainly not us. All we knew was that for one gorgeous Miami day in late 2006, Bey was all ours.

* * *

WHO: Beyonce Knowles

WHAT: You know this

WHEN: 2007 SI Swimsuit Issue

WHERE: Miami, Fla.

WHY: Because she's Beyonce

HOW: Shot by Cliff Watts, mainly swimsuits from the singer's own House of Dereon line

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VIDEO: Beyonce's Model Diary

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GALLERY: Beyonce making history as the first singer to score the SI Swimsuit cover

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