By Rebecca Shore
May 28, 2014

WE SPEND a lot of time on SwimDaily focusing on those models whose names have become synonymous with SI Swimsuit. But as the saying goes, once a Swimsuit Model, always a Swimsuit Model (the Marines stole that one from us), so on One Hot Wonder Wednesdays we honor those models whose time with us, while fleeting, definitely made that impact.

dom-600 The models of SI Swimsuit 2010 (click for full size)

WHO: Dominique Piek

WHAT: A South African model who is as famous for her prolific career as she is for the celebrity studs she dates

WHEN: 2010 SI Swimsuit Issue

WHERE: The Maldives

WHY: The hazel eyes that can pull off the smokey look like nobody's business, and frankly this

HOW: Shot by Walter Iooss alongside fellow supermodels Bar RefaeliBrooklyn Decker and Chrissy Teigen

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GALLERY: Dominique's Swimsuit days


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VIDEO: Because that accent is <3 <3 <3

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