By Rebecca Shore
June 11, 2014

WE SPEND a lot of time on SwimDaily focusing on those models whose names have become synonymous with SI Swimsuit. But as the saying goes, once a Swimsuit Model, always a Swimsuit Model (the Marines stole that one from us), so on One Hot Wonder Wednesdays we honor those models whose time with us, while fleeting, definitely made this kind of impact.

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Steve Erle/SI Steve Erle/SI


WHO: Shannan Click

WHAT: A California girl

WHEN: 2011 SI Swimsuit Issue

WHERE: Singapore and NYC for the body painting shoot

WHY: Baby blue eyes (or are they clear emerald?), golden skin, freckles, all the things you look for in a California girl (especially if you're Richard Harrow)

HOW: Shot by Steve Erle (Singapore) and Stewart Shining (body painting)

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GALLERY: Shannan in Singapore

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VIDEO: More Shannan

[si_cvp_video id="video_360E6461-6D98-65B8-CE83-8C51748257FB"]

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SHANNAN ONLINE: Twitter | Instagram

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