By Rebecca Shore
June 25, 2014

SOUTH AFRICAN beauty and one of five 2014 SI Swimsuit Rookies put through the body paint gauntlet, Lauren Mellor came by our humble offices today to commandeer our Twitter account. If you've ever spent five minutes with Lauren (and I was lucky enough to spend a plane-trip's worth of time with the model) you'd learn that not only is she incredibly bright and well-spoken, she's also hilarious and ambitious. Oh Lauren, leave some charm-ability for the rest of us!

Lauren spoke on everything from World Cup match-ups, to LeBron James's future home to the complexities of aerospace engineering (?). Here's what you asked, and what she answered:

And, of course, the duds:

We say: We get where you were going (photograph-er), but this is just funny as it stands.

We say: Sit tight. She'll get right back to you. Promise.

We say: Pancakes.

We say: Pancakes.

We say: Down, boy.

We say: Presumptious, but clever. Or, possibly, just confused.

Gallery: Lauren Mellor for SI Swimsuit 2014

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