WHEN IRINA Shayk lands a cover, you can expect the resulting image to be anything from sunshine and rainbows to leather and lace to a look only the ferociously fashion-minded can decipher. But no matter the image, what you're really getting is newsstand sales—lots and lots of newsstand sales. So it's no surprise that in the wake of the Vogue Spain cover she shared with Cristiano Ronaldo and the July/August Maxim cover that followed, we find Irina and her long legs sprawled across the cover of the August issue of Vogue Brasil. And thusly (yes, thusly) we would like to use this opportunity to present a retrospective of some of Irina's sexiest covers. 

GALLERY: Irina Shayk brings home the bacon (FULL SIZE)

Of course, we have our favorite, but we're not going to try and push any sort of agenda on you...

...but we're just sayin'...

VIDEO: Irina's banner year

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