LAST WEEK we presented you with seven ways to boost your Instagram followership by employing a few tricks commonly seen on the feeds of some of our favorite models. 

Now that you no doubt have a rabid fanbase waiting with baited breath for your next display of aesthetic brilliance, here are seven more ways to keep them sated. 


1. Wear your crazy hair day as a badge of honor: Please note: results best when "crazy" means carefully sculpted chaos.



2. Show us how much you're about to eat: Pro tip: take a picture of someone else's food.



3. Bare your teeth: No teeth? Try Altoids.



4. Fun with eyebrows: IMPORTANT: Reassure followers that the freaky change was only temporary with a follow-up of your restored brow.



5. Document yourself doing the sports: Because you're more than just a Soulcyclist.



6. No charter, no post: Bonus points for action shot of you boarding the plane/bus/what have you. Double bonus for traveling in heels.



7. Smile for Uncle Terry: As a model's star rises, she will inevitably receive the invitation to come slouch alluringly in front of Terry Richardson's blank wall. Not all post it to Instagram, but rest assured, the pics will circulate. (Note: Beware of creepiness.)



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