AS MUCH as we're loath to admit, no, we did not invent body painting. (We are pretty sure we mastered it though.) Nor is SI Swimsuit the only place you can witness the ingenious of SI's resident body painter Joanne Gair. Joanne, who was born in New Zealand, is first and foremost a makeup artist (she was Madonna's personal makeup artist on her Blonde Ambition tour in 1990), and has done loads of body painting for various magazine covers and ad campaigns.

Joanne Gair on that fishnet suit, that damn fishnet suit

In fact, while Rebecca Romijn was one of the lucky models to appear in SI Swim's first body paint shoot, it wasn't the first time the model and the artist teamed up. Rather, it was Gair who turned this 1997 GQ cover:

into this decidedly less newsstand-friendly/more newsstand-sales friendly, one:

Courtesy of Joanne Gair

Gair was the principle makeup artist for small-budget, little known, local access music videos like, oh, 
Vogue (Madonna)

The Perfect Drug (Nine Inch Nails) (for which she won "Best Makeup" at the '97 Music Video Production Awards)
Moulin Rouge

But it's of course her body painting that makes our jaws drop again and again. Gair was the skill-set behind that 1992 Vanity Fair cover of Demi Moore in nothing but body paint, a cover that made such a splash it earned its own Wiki page.

Courtesy of Joanne Gair

She painted Terrell Davis for a bunch of ad-crazed dairy farmers:

Courtesy of Joanne Gair

She has the capacity to do things like this:

Courtesy of Joanne Gair

and this;

Courtesy of Joanne Gair

So bear with us if we keep working with Joanne for the rest of her natural born life—we know it's hard. But we happen to think we have quite a talent on hand.

Stewart Shining/SI

But that's just one mag's opinion.



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