By Rebecca Shore
October 16, 2014

IF INGRID SEYNHAEVE's website bio is to be believed she stumbled into modeling at 18 when she entered the 1991 Elite Look of the Year contest as a "joke" and oh, you know just happened to win the whole damn thing. While I'm not sure what the joke there is, thank God for the Belgian beauty's sense of humor because Ingrid went on to appear in four straight Swimsuit Issues (1993-'95) dazzling readers with her blue eyes and infectious smile. At 41, Ingrid is still modeling and if you look at her portfolio it's pretty obvious why.

Stacey Williams in Costa Rica, 1995

As for why we love her? That's obvious too. Today we take a look back at Ingrid's 1995 SI Swimsuit shoot in Costa Rica, when the natural blonde surprised everyone by showing up a brunette, and in the below video Jule Campbell muses on how brunette better suits Ingrid's personality. Even so, the following year, Ingrid was back to blonde. And here's where I should say something about whether blondes have more fun, but yeah, I'm gonna pass.




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