By Rebecca Shore
October 22, 2014

BETCHA CAN'T name the Big Five (i.e. Africa's five most dangerous big game animals) faster than 2014 SI Swimsuit rookie Lauren Mellor. And even if you can, I guarantee you can't list the South African's undergrad and graduate concentrations during her time at the University of Capetown. Try human resource management, organizational psychology, labor law, and enterprise management as her post-grad. Yeah, I definitely got you there.  

Lauren Mellor in St. Lucia: The Outtakes

Yes, Lauren Mellor, she of the dazzling blue-green eyes and gold-sequined body paint (and something of a Kate Middleton-likeness, or is that just me) has a lot going on both inside and out. Learn more about Lauren in the video below.


BEST OF: Lauren on Instagram



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