REMEMBER THAT time we posted that Maxim video of Anastasia Ashley posing slowly amid an array of infinity pools and even I loved it because of the pool porn (by which I mean beautiful images of beautiful pools, and not what Google thinks it means) and therefore we all won in the end? And remember how I took screenshots of the video just to freeze those beautiful moments in time for you? Well, you'll never believe it but it turns out there are ACTUAL STILLS from that shoot done by a PROFESSIONAL, namely Blossom Berkofsky, for the October issue of Maxim, and now they're up on Maxim's website

And here—they're also here! Have a look-see:

...and, once more with feeling, that video:

...and for those who, like me, fell hard for those pools, here is some cabin porn that is fit for these colder months. Totally, laughably SFW.


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