Lindsey Vonn, SI Swimsuit 2010, Canada
Warwick Saint/SI
By Kelsey Hendrix
January 28, 2015

Now that we can all stop worrying about the blizzard that wasn't (in NYC, at least), we're taking a look back at some SI Swimsuit alums who actually do know a thing or two about the snow. 

Back in 2010, we seemed to have a thing for the cold and ventured up to Canada with some winter-weather experts. Clair Bidez, Hannah Teter, Lacy Schnoor and Lindsey Vonn were in their natural element amidst the powder, and their confidence shone through in these spectacular images. 

Because no matter where you are, we can all enjoy a combination of swimsuits and snowflakes.  

HANNAH TETER: Snowboarder
LINDSEY VONN: Downhill Skier
CLAIR BIDEZ: Snowboarder
Swim Daily
Hannah Teter "never ever dreamed of doing bathing suit and half-nude stuff"