SI Swimsuit models who golf
By Kelsey Hendrix
February 26, 2015

You may not directly associate SI Swimsuit with golf, but lately, it seems as if the two actually do go hand-in-hand. 

First there was Kate Upton. Kate may not have chosen the game of her own accord, but when paired with Arnold Palmer, the two seemed a natural fit. Who would've thought? 

Kate Upton and Arnold Palmer for Golf Digest
Walter Iooss Jr./Golf Digest

Then just last month, 2014 cover model Nina Agdal bragged to TMZ that she could drive 200 yards. Not too shabby, Nina...

We haven't heard any updates, but if nothing else, she looks damn good doing it. 


My golfshoes are cooler than yours.

A photo posted by Nina Agdal (@ninaagdal) on


As if that weren't enough, we invited rookie Kelly Rohrbach to grace the pages of SI Swimsuit 2015. Kelly is widely known for her exceptional golf skills (she played both in high school and at the collegiate level), but what you may not know is that Kelly is also a pro when it comes to Sholf!

Kelsey Hendrix/SI

And in the latest installment of SI Swimsuit models who golf, 2015 cover model Hannah Davis is taking to the green to show the world her swing. And while it may need some work, we're proud to see yet another one of our girls mastering the sport.  


First time golfing! #dontbringatennisplayergolfing

A video posted by Hannah Davis (@hanni_davis) on


YOU TELL US: Which SI Swimsuit model should be the next to perfect her golf swing? Use the hashtag #SwimSwing to voice your opinion!


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