Jessica Gomes and ballet dancer Sergei Polunin collaborate for a music video
David LaChapelle
By Kelsey Hendrix
March 02, 2015

You may think of Jessica Gomes as a model. Or you may think of her as a brand ambassador. But you probably have never thought of her as a music video girl.

In a twist on the conventional role, Jess collaborates with famed music video director David LaChapelle and world-renowned ballet dancer Sergei Polunin for an interpretation of Michael Jackson and Queen's song "There Must Be More to Life Than This." A whimsical video, Jess acts as a angel-esque figure for a solider in war, searching for more in life. 

Check out the beautiful video below, and be sure to keep coming back for more amazing projects involving the one-and-only Jess Gomes!

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