By Kelsey Hendrix
April 06, 2015

Rookie Robyn Lawley is in the business of change. When she jumped into the world of modeling, she was immediately pressured to change her look, weight and diet, to fit the industry standard of the time. But that's not the change she made.

Brands Exclusive Magazine

In an interview with Australian magazine, Brands Exclusive, Robyn explained that it was the opportunity to later sign with Bella Model Management that allowed her to begin to change and redefine modeling as it is so often known.

"I would rather there were no labels, and that we embraced size diversity in fashion and advertising," Robyn told the website. "Plus size is an industry term that has made its way into the public and means 'above standard sample size,' which is between sizes 6-8. However, this 'standard' does not translate into the real world."

Brands Exclusive Magazine

Quick to step up against size shaming of any kind though, Robyn explained that she doesn't want to celebrate only women of her shape or size, but instead wants women of "all sizes and ages to be celebrated." 

Brands Exclusive Magazine

A woman who doesn't just speak but turns her words into action, Robyn also created her own swimwear line that caters to sizes eight through 18 and is both flattering, functional and fashionable. And as if that weren't enough, Robyn's ultra-popular food blog, Robyn Lawley Eats, has also been published as a book featuring the author's favorite decadent recipes. Who says food and fashion can't function in the same world? Not Robyn Lawley, that's for sure.

We love you, Robyn! Thanks for being another prime example of how the ladies of SI Swimsuit aren't just beautiful models, but also brave, talented trendsetters!  

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