Chrissy Teigen, SI Swimsuit 2015
Yu Tsai/SI
By Kelsey Hendrix
August 05, 2015

Can you think of anyone better to introduce the "John, Legend" category on Sports Jeopardy! than his own wifey, Chrissy Teigen? Clearly neither could Dan Patrick! 

Making a special guest appearance on an all-new episode of the streaming-TV show Sports Jeopardy!, our six-time SI Swimsuit model reads clues about everyone from former Bucs and Broncos safety John Lynch to NCAA star John Wall and Kentucky coach John Calipari. 

Didn't realize Chrissy was such an avid sports fan? Allow us to remind you of her unforgettable Instagram posts from the Super Bowl this past February where she cheered on her favorite Seattle Seahawks up until that fateful final play

Watch the clip below to see Chrissy's full appearance on Dan Patrick's Sports Jeopardy! show and test your own "John, Legend" knowledge: 

We love us some Chrissy...Teigen. And dare we say, our girl might just have a shot at a full-time role on Sports Jeopardy! if she so wishes! 

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