By Kelsey Hendrix
November 02, 2015

Thought the Whip and Nae Nae was on the way out? Think again! 

When we had SI Swimsuit models Hannah Ferugson and Kelly Rohrbach in the studio, we capitalized on their time and came out with some incredible videos—some of which you've probably already seen on repeat. But perhaps our favorite to make was this one of Hannah teaching our 2015 Rookie of the Year how to do this year's most popular dance. 

And as you can see, when our favorite Texan and resident dance enthusiast gets paired up with our golf pro turned model of the moment, the results are, quite simply, out-of-this-world SEXY. To see Hannah and Kelly get down to "Watch Me," scroll back up and click play. You will not be disappointed. 

You already know what it is!

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Kelly Rohrbach's advice for the perfect golf swing: 'Butt out, shoulders back; it's all in the hips.'