Emily Ratajkowski, SI Swimsuit 2015
Yu Tsai/SI
By Kelsey Hendrix
February 08, 2016

When the big game meets the big day, you can count on Emily Ratajkowski to make the big catch...or give it her best effort, at the very least!


In Buick's Super Bowl 50 commercial, our two-time SI Swimsuit model and New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. steal the spotlight from a happy bride and groom.

It may have taken a few takes for Emily to master the one handed-catch, but if you ask us, she nailed the signature Beckham move. In fact, in our opinion, she may have even pulled it off better than the star receiver, but we'll let you watch both and be the judge.

Odell may think Emily was out of bounds, but we were too focused on how flawless she looked while making the catch to notice. 

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