By Xandria James
February 12, 2016

We already saw badass UFC fighter Ronda Rousey unleash her inner model in her SI Swimsuit debut last year, but now we couldn't be more excited that she’s back as one of the 2016 cover models!

Everyone already knows that she is incredibly fierce in the ring and that she rocks body paint like a pro, but here are ten GIFs to show you just some of the many reasons why we love Ronda!

1. She’s great at teaching the arm bar

2. She’s nailed the sultry stare

3. She can kick butt in a dress

4. She's a judo master

5. She totally rocks a Pikachu costume

6. She really commits to her workouts

7. She’s the queen of the “flip then hair-flip”

8. She’s not afraid to be flirty

9. She’s a pro on a surfboard

10. She knows how to show off her silly side

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