By Kelsey Hendrix
March 24, 2016

It started out as a simple pregnancy-cravings rant. The Queen of Twitter, aka Chrissy Teigen, took to social media on Monday to reveal to fans exactly what she's been devouring the last few months. 

Chrissy Teigen loves Hooters as much as we do

The list goes on and on and on... We focused back in at the mention of tacos:

But as you might expect, it didn't take long before things took a turn for the worse. One of Chrissy's biggest fans felt it only appropriate to call out the star for having a taco affair, if you will. 

In an attempt to quickly cover up her tracks, Chrissy explained she was just exhibiting friendly relations with other fast food chain taco options. But after learning she'd not only insulted her one true love, but on its anniversary of all days, she accepted defeat and groveled. 

Let's blame it on pregnancy brain and just assume that Taco Bell will welcome you back with a Doritos Locos taco in hand in due time, Chrissy! 

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