It was only last year that Texas native Ashley Smith made her debut as a SI Swimsuit model. And now, the bombshell is making waves with a steamy Playboy cover. That's right folks—Ashley is your newest 'Miss November.'

In a revealing spread, Ashley opens up to the iconic magazine about her aspirations as both a model and future marine biology major, her desire to live adventurously, and her guilty pleasure of comic books and cartoons. Talk about a woman after our own hearts. 

Zoey Grossman for Playboy
Zoey Grossman for Playboy

On being a Texas girl at heart: "I’m from the middle of nowhere in east Texas, and I moved to Austin when I was a teenager. My most Texas trait would probably be that I like to get buck wild sometimes. I like going to places where I can spread my wings and not worry about how I’m being perceived."

Zoey Grossman for Playboy

On missing out on the college experience: "I never went to college, and that’s a bummer because I liked being in school and learning in a classroom. Everyone wants to feel that what they do makes the world a better place. Part of me wants to be an astronaut; other parts want to study marine biology or nutrition. I don’t know where I want to take my world, but I definitely want to explore other interests."

On her "feel-good meal": "I love a foot-long tuna fish sandwich from Subway and a 3 Musketeers bar when I’m having a bad day."

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