By Gabriel Baumgaertner
February 14, 2017

Having trouble getting through this week? Are your social feeds not providing the distraction you need? We feel your pain but have a solution: Nina Agdal and her pom poms inside a Mexican yurt. 


The SI Swimsuit veteran remains one of the world’s most striking models, and it’s hard to find a better example than the Danish beauty clad in pom poms and little else. Nina manages the entire spectrum of sex appeal in just 29 seconds! Whether it's her delicate balance atop a perch, her seductive gaze into the camera, or her effortless giggle once the shoot concludes, Nina (again) proves that her spectacular beauty and charm are befitting of an SI Swimsuit model.

So feel free to thank us for providing your daydreams some vividness, and don’t be ashamed once the color flushes from your face and your mouth sinks agape after Nina wonders what she would do without those pom poms.  

BONUS: See some of Nina's hottest moments from SI Swimsuit 2016!

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