Stop what you're doing right now, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are about to make you fall even more in love with them.

In an adorable video courtesy of LOVE Magazine, Chrissy lip syncs her hubby’s “Ordinary People” and our hearts are literally melting. This honestly may be the best Valentine’s Day gift we’ve ever received.

Seriously, they just took #relationshipgoals to a whole new level.

LOVE Magazine

And did we mention that Chrissy looks absolutely STUNNING wearing Agent Provocateur throughout the entire video? We didn't think this mama could get any hotter, but she proved us wrong.

LOVE Magazine

Chrissy Tiegen in heart-shaped nipple tassels and a furry red coat is what our Valentine's Day dreams are made of.

Now please excuse us while we go watch this video on repeat.

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