SI Swimsuit models share dating advice with fans at SI Swimsuit VIBES. 

By Kelsey Hendrix
February 24, 2017

Ever wondered what it's like to date a SI Swimsuit model? Now's your chance to find out!

We gathered Ashley Graham, Nina Agdal and Kate Bock to find out the best and worst they've experienced in dating. From horrifying moments at a karaoke bar to advising that guys just keep in simple in the planning process, our girls are a foutain of knowledge. 

"I think it's all about who you're with, to be honest," Nina said. "It doesn't so much matter about what you're doing, an intimate dinner and talking is fun."

Taylor Ballantyne

Check out the video above to hear everything our ladies have to say about how to #GetYourEdge, and keep coming back to Swim Daily for more fabulous dating advice from the ladies of SI Swimsuit! 

Meet the ladies of SI Swimsuit 2017!

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