Bo Krsmanovic opens up about her desire to find true love and her focus on work. 

March 30, 2017

There's no denying that Serbian sweetheart Bo Krsmanovic has come a long way since she landed in LA four years ago with nothing but her suitcases and a GUESS campaign. 

And now, following her second year with SI Swimsuit, she finds herself wearing a barely-there blouse on the cover of MAXIM

In a cover feature shot by photographer Giles Bensimon, Bo opens up about her conservative and academic upbringing and her transition into the "new generation of bombshell models." Despite once being a motorcycle-weilding daredevil, Bo admits that she's now focused her efforts on growing her career and finding a way to sustain a relationship as she splits her time between Belgrade and New York.

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"The problem is I fall in love quickly," Bo told MAXIM. "And I travel a lot, and that's a problem. My relationships have always finished with breakups, or you meet a person and it's painful because you are away all the time, or there is jealousy and you fight every day." 


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Another thing that's changed? Her acceptance of nudity! 

"In the past I was shy, but I got used to it," Bo explained. "I got so comfortable…it's part of the job. I'm used to being surrounded by a big group of people while I'm in a bikini. 

"Now it's I can be more free with myself. I can change clothes in front of my girlfriends. I am like, I am fine with it; people see me naked all the time."

Pick up the April issue now to see all of Bo's steamy MAXIM photos. 

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