See the funniest moments from Chrissy Teigen's SI Swimsuit 2017 shoot on Sumba Island. 

By Andy Gray
March 31, 2017

At this point, we all know Chrissy Teigen is hilarious (Exhibits A and B and C if you still don't believe us), so finding outtakes from her 2017 shoot is not a tough assignment. Turn on the cameras and let Chrissy be Chrissy. And as usual, she did not disappoint.

In this clip from her 2017 shoot in Sumba Island, Chrissy gets on all fours and growls like a tiger, jokes about her lack of butt coverage and cleans sand from her most intimate areas. All in the space of a minute! 

James Macari

To see all of the laugh-inducing moments from Chrissy's latest SI Swimsuit shoot, be sure to watch the video above! 

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