Get to know Agnes Pimentel in her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2018 Casting Call. 

By Andy Gray
December 26, 2017

You've already met the ladies of our first-ever #SISwimSearch open casting call. But what about our annual casting calls with gorgeous models from New York, LA, London and all over the world? We didn't forget them! 

We met with dozens of beautiful women looking to be a part of our SI Swimsuit 2018 rookie class, and we're inviting you to get to know them, too! 

Next up is Agnes Pimentel​​​.  This Brazilian babe has been modeling for five years and can not leave home without her lip balm and sunglasses. If she wasn't modeling, Agnes would've become a journalist and who knows how many Pulitzers she would've captured by now? Regarless, we're glad she chose modeling.

Taylor Ballantyne
Taylor Ballantyne
Taylor Ballantyne
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Can't get enough of Agnes? See some of her career highlights below: 

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