Ashley Graham shares her favorite post-workout snack with fans on Instagram. 

By Kelsey Hendrix
January 09, 2018

It only takes a quick scroll through Ashley Graham's Instagram account to get a sense of how often our favorite curvalicious babe hits the gym. Or there's that steamy LOVE Advent video that showcases one of her favorite exercises outside Dogpound that will make you feel like you're vicariously breaking a sweat. 

But, as anyone knows, one of the keys to keeping up your energy after an intense workout session is a solid snack. Enter: almond butter and apple slices. 

Ashley took to Instagram recently to share her "fav after workout" while on a car ride home from the gym. And the Internet approved. 

@theashleygraham :: Ashley Graham/Instagram

According to SELF, almond butter and apple slices are packed with the cabs and proteins you want to ingest after a workout, because they help to replenish glycogen and repair muscles. So next time you find yourself channeling your inner Ashley Graham at the gym, be sure to pack this simple snack! 

See some of Ashley's hottest photos from SI Swimsuit:

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