Brenna Huckaby is here to steal your heart. Don't say we didn't warn you.

By Xandria James
April 17, 2018

We'd be lying if we said we weren't constantly daydreaming about our photo shoot with two-time Paralympic gold medalist Brenna Huckaby. Brenna brought her A-game to the beaches of Aruba, where she made history as the first amputee to ever pose for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, and its safe to say we're in awe of this champion. From shredding the competition on a snowboard to inspiring other women to feel comfortable with their bodies, Brenna has given us so many reasons to fall absolutely in love with her, and we're here to tell you just a few of those reasons with the help of some GIFs!

1. She pulls off purple hair like no other.

2. Her modeling skills are on par with her snowboarding.

3. Her energy is totally contagious.

4. She's the definition of a badass.

5. She isn't afraid of some unconventional tan lines.

Check out all of the photos from Brenna's amazing photo shoot here:

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