We’re so glad this photo exists!

By Xandria James
April 10, 2019

Sitting courtside is all fun and games...until an NBA player comes crashing down on you. Just ask Chrissy Teigen!

The eight-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model and husband John Legend were in Miami enjoying Dwyane Wade’s last home game when BOOM, the shooting guard was sitting in their laps. 

The epic collision that sent the couple’s drinks flying was thankfully captured on camera by a Miami Herald photographer, so we can relive this hilarious moment over and over again. 

Chrissy and John handled the incident like champs, simply laughing it off. Talk about good sports!

The queen of Twitter herself said the crash was “an honor” and called the photograph a “Renaissance painting.”

We’d have to agree. It definitely is a work of art.

In true Internet fashion, the moment has already been turned into several memes, a Christmas card, and, yes, even a Renaissance painting.

See all of Chrissy Teigen’s photos from SI Swimsuit 2017:

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