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Can music improve performance? Skullcandy is partnering with Athletigen Technologies and Athletic Republic to find out.

By Allasyn Lieneck
June 23, 2016

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Human genetics can play a major role in determining an athlete’s potential. We know how much hard work athletes put in to become successful, but how much of their talent comes purely from the natural abilities they are born with?

Athletigen Technologies, an athlete genomics company, started their Athletigen Performance Platform earlier this year in an effort to inform athletes about their bodies and how they change through physical performance. Athletigen and existing partner Athletic Republic (a solution for individualized performance training) have now teamed up with Skullcandy Inc. with the goal to find the impact music has to one’s athletic performance.

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“Optimizing athletic performance requires attention to many details including the relationship between them,” said Emily Cook, Skullcandy sport and human potential manager. “Skullcandy is dedicated to uncovering insights that lie at the intersection of music, psychology and physiology. By partnering with Athletigen and Athletic Republic, we will all be able to understand a more complete picture of an athlete and how to help them reach their highest potential.”

Athletigen Technologies provides personalized DNA services and recommendations to let its users explore their genetic profile related to performance, nutrition and athletic ability. Athletic Republic then educates their trainers with this information so they can assist the athletes by creating a personalized training regimen that can help them understand what he or she needs to do to be better. Now they can bring music into the mix.

Skullcandy Inc. Human Potential Lab, or the “Boom box” as they like to call it, was created to study the effects of music on individuals and focuses on discovering ways to unlock human potential through music, a goal so similar to the other two companies that it made the partnership a no-brainer.

Athletic Republic has more than 13 sport-specific, individualized programs to help their clients gain a competitive advantage. The levels of programs they have available range from the peewees to the pros and have trained more than 100,000 athletes (2,500 being professionals and Olympians) at their 120-plus locations.

“Working with Skullcandy and Athletic Republic allows us to explore the interface between an athlete’s DNA and environmental factors,” says Athletigen CEO Dr. Jeremy Koenig, “both of which are crucial for optimal performance and safety.”

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