GoHawk believes that it has invented the next revolution in GoPro attachments and accessories.

By Ryan Chant
July 05, 2016

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Those who participate in extreme sports know that attaching a GoPro to the helmet or handlebar can sometimes prove to be more of a hassle than what the results are actually worth. The fine line between enjoying the experience and stressing about whether the camera is still on, how long its been filming for, or whether it’s capturing the right shot can create a distraction that may overawe the actual ride or jump.

The team at GoHawk is currently addressing these issues with their cutting-edge innovations that are set to extend user capabilities to a level where they can have complete control of the camera, while still enjoying and focusing on the ride itself.

The group has come up with three new features; a remote shutter button input, a remote LED indicator and an auxiliary USB power input.

The remote shutter button input is by far the most exciting idea that we’ve seen as far as GoPro attachments span, and it is sure to revolutionize the way users capture and then produce their albums or films.

There are three attachments for the remote shutter input. One is a handlebar switch, one is a tongue switch and the other is a bite switch. The handlebar switch attaches to a bicycle handlebar and allows the rider to press a button to capture images at the exact moment that suits. This will prevent the tedious hours that normally follow a ride where the user must sift through hundreds of images to find the ones that were originally wanted. The tongue and bite switch are placed in the mouth—ideal for when the camera is attached to a helmet—and allow the user to capture the precise moment they wish.

The remote LED indicator is an extension that indicates whether the camera is still on or not. When the light is flashing, the camera is still on and recording. The final attachment is the USB power input, which allows for a much longer battery life for longer expeditions or rides by using a pre-charged battery pack.

The team at GoHawk is currently running a KickStarter campaign to help fund production costs. The initial goal was to reach $20,000 and with five weeks to go, the campaign recently surpassed $14,000. This is a project that will change the perception of GoPro cameras, and has the potential to become a ‘must-have’ for all GoPro buyers.

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